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Middle aged Caucasian businessman smiles at the cameraFor close to two decades, Dr. Hadi M. Rassael has helped many patients with hair loss regain their natural look and regain their confidence with advanced hair restoration techniques performed at his Washington DC area practice. By using a sophisticated technique of transplanting your own hair follicles to areas affected by hair loss, Dr. Rassael can help you enjoy a full head of hair again. Please contact him today to schedule a consultation.

More Than 18 Years of Experience in Hair Restoration

Hair loss and hair restoration is complex. Purported hair restoration methods are constantly marketed to those who are insecure about their hair loss. Unfortunately, promises of amazing hair regeneration convince many people into purchasing products that provide no visible results at all. The science of hair loss and restoration takes years of specialized training and education to master. With training in head and neck surgery, cosmetic surgery and more than 18 years of experience in the field of hair loss treatment, Dr. Rassael is uniquely qualified to help those suffering with hair loss to achieve substantial results that boost self-confidence.

Hair Loss in Men and Women

The most common cause of hair loss is a disease known as androgenetic alopecia (AGA), in which hair follicles are especially sensitive to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). After lengthy exposure to this hormone, hair follicles begin to shrink until they can no longer grow hair. Also referred to as male pattern baldness, AGA was once thought to be a strictly a male condition. However, women can also suffer hair loss due to DHT exposure. Women possess smaller amounts of testosterone and DHT within their bodies, but when estrogen and other female hormones are not in proper balance with DHT, the male hormone can affect the health and integrity of a woman's hair. Fortunately, hair loss in both men and women can be resolved with an effective hair transplant.

You Have Our Undivided Attention

Dr. Rassael and our caring, experienced staff strive to help hair loss patients regain their confidence and quality of life through natural hair transplants. We make sure every patient is comfortable before and during the procedure, and that they are satisfied with the results of their hair restoration. To create a comfortable, calm atmosphere, we only perform one hair transplant procedure per day, ensuring that each patient receives our full and undivided attention.

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Hair transplantation provides patients suffering from hair loss with a natural solution. Our hair transplants produce results in full head of hair which are virtually indistinguishable from a patient's non-transplanted hair. To learn about your options for restoring lost hair, contact us at our Chevy Chase, Maryland location today to schedule a consultation.

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